Service fee is the fee you pay to us for doing all the paperwork for you to submit your visa application to the Vietnam Immigration Department for processing your visa approval letters, including the following works:

  • Receive and check your visa information via our website;
  • Contact you for reviewing your visa information;
  • Process your visa information into a visa application;
  • Submit your application on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration Department;
  • Notify you of the visa approval letter processing schedule via email;
  • Follow other procedures pursuant to the regulations of Immigration Department to get Visa approval letter granted by Immigration Department;
  • Send the visa approval letter via email to you after 2-3 working day(s).

Service fee needs paying in full in advance to process the visa approval letter in 1 working day (urgent service) or 3 working days (normal service) and 4 working hours (super urgent service). See below for details.

  • Fixed service fee for 1 month1 tourist visa: 15 USD per person
  • Fixed service fee for 3 month tourist visa: 25 USD per person
  • Urgent 1 working day extra 15 USD
  • Super urgent service - 4 working hours extra 25 USD

Payment is to be made by Paypal the safe option to our Paypal account at 

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